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After six and a half years, the time has come for us to be closing

The Centre 

When we first opened, six and a half years ago, the main aim of

The Centre was to be able to provide

free and/or donation based support

and complementary therapies

for those living with cancer and other life limiting conditions.

During this time we have been able to provide over

1000 individual treatments to around 100 people

who have made use of this service,

and experienced the benefits.

We have many stories of clients who have gone on to


improved health,

as well as those who have

been able to face their last days with

a sense of peace and comfort.

However, we now feel that it is time to move on from Pell Street,

whilst continuing to offer service in new ways and situations.

Kiera’s work as Deputy Clinical Lead Nurse

at the wonderful Skanda Vale Hospice

continues to increase,

which means her being away from home, and The Centre,

a lot more. She will continue her work as

a Soul Midwife and End of Life Companion,

and also to offer support and treatments for those in need.

Added to that she will continue to facilitate various workshops

and to teach Reiki and Indian Head Massage

to those wishing to develop their practice.

Jim will be continuing to teach and run workshops

as well as his monthly Sound Bath and Kirtan sessions.

In addition to this he will be offering service on a

volunteer basis at Skanda Vale Hospice.

It has been a wonderful and exciting six and a half years

at Pell Street.

Sometimes hanging on by our fingertips,

but always seeing the financial needs of The Centre being met,

often at the last minute, by a benevolent Universe.

Kiera and Jim would like to thank everyone

who has helped The Centre provide its service

over the years,

to those therapists and various workshop leaders

who have rented rooms from us,

to all the clients,

to everyone who has come along to our regular open days

and enjoyed the cakes,

and to all the wonderful people

who have made generous donations to support our work.

We would also like to thank the landlord of the

Pell Street property for his amazing support,

never once raising the rent,

and also making donations on more than one occasion.


Over the years we have held regular open-days at The Centre, and on Saturday July 21st we will be holding one final Closing-Open-Day. from 10 am. We have a lot of stock, furniture and fittings, desks and chairs etc., that we need to shift, so you will be able to stake your claim for whatever you want, in exchange for a donation which will help us to continue being of service to those who need it. All the books, DVDs, CDs Jewellery items etc will also be available in exchange for donations. We trust you to make sensible offers. We will still have bills to pay up until the time we vacate the premises.

Although The Centre will be

closing the doors of our Pell Street therapy rooms in August,

closing The Centre isn’t to be seen as the end,

but the beginning of the next stage in our journey of service.

Another exciting time of moving forward with gratitude and joy.

The work will continue.

We will still be offering support and treatments

to those living with cancer and other life limiting conditions

from various venues in the area.

A variety of treatments are offered as well as

End Of Life companionship and Soul Midwifery.

In order to continue offering this free, or donation based service,

we will still be relying on the wonderful generosity

of all our supporters.

If you would like to support this service,

please click on the donate button below. 

Thank you all again, from the bottom of our hearts,

and we hope to have your continuing

support and friendship in the future. 


Jim & Kiera



Support The Centre

If you would like to help support The Centre,

particularly with our policy of offering

Free treatments to those living with Cancer

and those with life-limiting illnesses

please click on the "Donate" button.

Whatever you can afford will help us to help and support others.